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I am an aspiring writer of non-fiction and factual fiction. My first novella "Grandpa Miller"   was published with Create Space in December 2012 and is now available to purchase from

I have spent many years writing non-fiction and was recently encouraged to attempt my first fiction write. I have loved it, it certainly made a change from writing non-fiction and allowed me the opportunity of opening up my mind and letting the imagination flow. 

"Grandpa Miller" tells the story of a crofter with a secretive past, whose home is on the banks of Cuan Lough, in Northern Ireland. Many descriptions and folk lore attached to the story is based on fact, but the characters are entirely fictional. I have added just a little excerpt from the novella to wet your appetites. Enjoy.

"Grandpa Miller"

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Grandpa Miller gazed out of the window. He had learnt over the years from his sense of sight and smell that he could predict the weather fairly accurately. He stood thoughtfully observing the movement of the clouds.  Black clouds from the west indicated bad weather and the Lough would be stormy tonight. He struck another match and held it to the bowl of his pipe, drawing several puffs from the sticky black liquorice smelling tobacco, before blowing the match out and leaving it on the window sill.

In the distance, he could hear the rumble of the waves crashing over the pebbled shore below, and closed the curtains as if to keep out the cold. Lying in front of the aga, Jack, his border collie, raised it’s head in anticipation of a run in the old land rover to the Hoar’s Head Inn. Jack had an inkling that today was Wednesday, and that Rosie would be serving colcannon and steak tonight. With greying hair, and ample bosoms, Rosie was still a striking looking woman of middle age, and Jack knew she would have saved him a morsel of meat.

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