Lancashire Lass's Literature

 My One Regret


Pull back the reigns, turn off the light,

Let that woman go off into the night.

What is for you, you will get,

Fate dealt a hand that I least expect.


Friendship comes and friendship goes,

whatever the reason, nobody knows.

Life is like an angel, fragile and true,

My soul lingers with the thoughts of you.


Mothers and daughters, love so entwined,

promises of light ever after of the glorious kind.

Soul searching reasons and still I haven’t learned

to let you go forth another love spurned


My mother my love, thoughts of the past

of good times and bad times that never last.

My love for you was never denied,

I am in my heart forever your child.


Anniversaries come and then they pass,

Memories never falter, just hidden by a mask.

Of tears and loneliness that cry to be heard,

sorrow and sadness in life that I shared.


Too late now to make amends,

Tomorrow is another day, where fear lends

an awesome reminder of things that should have been said

“I love you mum without any regrets.”


Copyright © Annette Donaldson.