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About Me, I am no one special, and wouldn't stand out in a crowd. In fact I am just!

I am an aspiring writer of non-fiction and factual fiction. My first novella "Granpa Miller,"    has just been published with Createspace and is available for purchase from

I have also written my memoirs, part 1 "A Lancashire Rose, Born to be a Thorn" a true account of a little girl growing up in difficult circumstances. Read my struggle to become loved and appreciated, and how being brought up in care helped me to turn my life around. My memoirs are currently receiving their final edit prior to publication. This is a preview of my memoirs.

 Grandpa Miller has just been published by and will be available to purchase shortly.

A Lancashire Rose, But  Born To Be A Thorn

 It wasn’t until this last year, at the age of fifty three, that I even knew that I had been immediately put up for adoption and was placed in the care of foster parents until adoptive parents could be found. I was further informed last year that the original plan was for my Aunt, my mother’s older sister to adopt me and I would have been brought up with my now deceased, Cousin Tony. This has been a real shock for me, a real smack in the face, as I never realised that my mother really despised me so much. For whatever reasons she may have had, I was a vulnerable little baby, in need of a nurturing, loving mother, and instead with only a prick of her conscience, she finally decided to keep me.

I requested my Social care file from Sefton Borough Council in the hope that my father’s name had been mentioned, but it hadn’t, however, out of the woodwork it was eventually revealed that my mother had not wanted me at all. The hurt and emotion of reading that is still deep within me now. Devastation is not exactly how I feel, but maybe deprived is a better term. Certainly not how any child should feel about their own existence. Even writing this now makes me go cold with goose bumps all over my body. Isn’t it strange how some things from our past can evoke such strong reactions?

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