Lancashire Lass's Literature

I adore the challenge of writing poetry, but seldom make an impression. From time to time I will post a poem on this page, and hopefully you will read and leave me your opinion. Enjoy.


Reflections of a relationship that once was.

Today, the magic that once was, has left a bitter taste

I feel so stupid now, and glance downcast from your face

Gentle words once comforted me, spoken from your heart

Instead I am riding a bitter storm, torment in my eyes, depart

“What can be done is all I ask” I don’t want pity anymore

I love the strength the daylight brings, my fretful dreams I ignore

Life is just a challenge, a roller coaster of waves

Kindness is not the answer that I crave for all my days

You left me so abruptly, my heart left shattered in stone

Yet the precision of your letter placed, hasn’t left me alone

For each time I hold that crumpled page, stained from time and tears

I can hear angels’ wings so soft, so gentle to restrain my fears

Although my life is in turmoil and I admire all your finesse

My love will be my legacy left pounding on your chest

I am now without fight, I have thrown in the towel

I cannot force the issue, the gladiator won, hands down